Coworking in the Countryside with FBF Communications

As part of our series of blogs on coworking in the countryside, we’re interviewing members at the Business Barn to understand more about what they do, how they work and what attracted them to working remotely here at the Barn. This week we interview Frankie B. Francis of FBF Communications. Stay tuned for more interviews from our diverse community.  

Frankie B. Francis
  • So, you started FBF Communications, tell us more about what the company does and the industries you focus on?

FBF Communications is a powerful, passionate and proactive communications agency. We specialise in PR, events, influencer engagement programmes and talent management, plus a huge aspect of the business is extensive copywriting for international brands. We have many clients across hospitality (hotels, software, golf courses, institutes), travel and leisure, technology, food and beverage, lifestyle and corporate PR – it’s a real mix.

  • What’s your background and how did you end up starting FBF Communications?

I’ve been working in the PR industry since college and spent the last 15 years or so working at top agencies in Dublin. Four years ago, whilst pregnant with my first baby and holding a senior management role, I, like many parents, found myself contemplating the future and how best to find that work / family flexibility once the baby was born and it was time to return to work.

Plus, whilst in agency life, the more senior the role the less ‘PR’ I seemed to be engaged in, it was now about company meetings, overseeing staff, writing new business pitches etc. and whilst I enjoy that side of the business, I missed my passion and what I always loved about PR – the creativity, the relationships with media and influencers, the thrill of landing front page stories, bringing brands to life etc. and I wanted to ensure that my role had a full 360 approach.

So, with the limited opportunities for work flexibility, two young children and a wholehearted passion for PR, FBF Communications was born and thanks to many of my clients who migrated with me, I am proud to say we are thriving!

  • What does a typical day look like for you at the office?

A typical day is busy but given the extensive range of clients within FBF’s portfolio, no two days or weeks are the same! It usually starts with catching up on the news agenda, reading headlines, and listening to Newstalk. Most of my mornings are packed with writing press releases or articles for international clients and hosting conference calls with clients or agents to discuss influencer brand partnerships. Afternoons tend to focus on strategy – prepping for client events, workshops, brainstorming PR ideas, attending meetings or conferences etc. And in between, there is lots of pitching to media. Some weeks I’m at the office lots and other weeks I’m traveling around the country, attending meetings, client events, hosting media trips, managing photoshoots or hanging around TV stations.

  • What brought you to the Business Barn and how have you found working in this environment?

I was looking for a flexible working environment, somewhere that didn’t require large rents or long contracts but had a co-working space that was friendly and comfortable and offered an opportunity to connect with like minded people. I also refuse to sit in unnecessary traffic. The Business Barn is ideal. Located less than 10 minutes from my home, close to family, creche and playschool for the kids. It’s also very peaceful and scenic surrounded by country fields with gorgeous walks so there is no excuse for not getting out and about to recharge and kickstart the brain. I’ve already met so many people from all career backgrounds, we chat, network over coffee and help each other where and when we can, and my productivity has soared since.

  • What exciting projects are you working on over the next 12 months?

The next 12 months is very exciting for FBF Communications as there are many aspects of the business that have potential to grow this year. Between now and Christmas we are busy on the road hosting hospitality workshops with one of our technology clients, we are assisting a food client to launch new products, we are going to be working closely with a leading member institute on some game changing industry initiatives, plus, we have many sponsorships, awards and acquisitions to oversee. In addition, we have just signed up our first blogger under our talent management arm of the business, an area that has potential due to the ongoing shift in media consumption and we are also developing plans for the continuous growth of brand FBF.

  • Where can people find out more about you and FBF Communications?

If you are looking for advice, planning a PR campaign, launching a product, need assistance with copywriting materials, have a great story to tell, are unsure where to start or simply have a question, get in touch with us any time…

Instagram: fbf_communications

LinkedIn: Frankie B. Francis

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